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Reliable facade finishing using fiber cement panels

Tech Facade is the first factory in Kazakhstan specializing in painting fiber cement panels by the pouring method while adhering to high standards of technological discipline. We also engage in the production of substructure elements for ventilated curtain walls (VCW) and supply various facade materials, components, and fasteners for them.

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Why Choose Tech Facade?

We operate throughout the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries

Quality guarantee

Fast delivery times

Adherence to technological discipline

Use of high-quality raw materials in production

Flexible pricing policy

Reliability and durability

Comprehensive supply for turnkey construction projects

The company is oriented towards the production and supply of high-quality products in 5 main directions:

Our specialists at the plant for painting asbestos-cement panels ensure high-quality painting that meets your individual preferences and requirements. We work with a wide range of color catalogs, including RAL, NCS, Pantone, and others, to offer you a rich choice of shades and color solutions for your facade. Our goal is to provide high-quality and durable painting of panels that will give your building aesthetic appeal and a harmonious blend of colors.

Our factory specializes in producing high-quality substructure elements for ventilated curtain wall (VCW) systems. We offer a variety of elements that provide a reliable and stable foundation for the installation of fiber cement panels and other cladding materials. Our substructure elements are characterized by strength, durability, and precise compliance with project requirements. We aim to provide you with a complete set of necessary components for the successful installation and assembly of the VCW system.

We specialize in supplying a wide range of fastening and accompanying materials for construction projects. Our company collaborates with reliable manufacturers and suppliers to offer you high-quality materials that meet requirements and standards. We provide various types of fastening elements, such as screws, bolts, nuts, washers, as well as diverse accompanying materials needed for the installation of fiber cement panels and substructure elements.

"Tech Facade" offers a full range of services for the design and turnkey installation of facade systems. We develop individual solutions for each project, ensuring high quality and reliability of work. Our team is ready to take on all technical and organizational aspects to provide a magnificent facade for your building.

"Tech Facade" provides the opportunity for wholesale and retail sales of high-quality facade materials. We offer a wide range of products, including fiber cement panels, substructure elements for VCW, fastening, and accompanying materials. Our company guarantees the reliability and affordability of products to meet the needs of both large customers and individuals interested in quality and innovative facade solutions.

We offer

Fiber Cement (Asbestos Cement) Panels by Tech Facade

Unpainted Panels

Unpainted panels are a natural and versatile choice for cladding buildings, preserving the texture of the material. Painted panels, on the other hand, allow you to add brightness and individuality, thanks to a variety of available colors.

Painted Panels

Painted panels bring brightness and individuality to the cladding of buildings through a variety of available colors that we offer to our customers at our factory, following RAL, NCS, and other color catalogs.

Facade Fiber Cement (Asbestos Cement) Panels represent the latest achievements in the construction industry. They are not only a fast and convenient solution for cladding residential and public buildings but also a symbol of beauty and creativity in architecture. These panels not only create a modern exterior for the house but also serve as reliable protection against moisture, cold, and adverse environmental effects.

The true uniqueness of this building material is revealed in the perfect combination of its key characteristics: strength, lightness, and durability. It is a composite panel with an unparalleled combination of cement, reinforcing fiber, and innovative additives aimed at improving thermal insulation and other essential properties. It is important to note that chrysotile fiber is used in this case, giving this material a unique essence and reliability.

On our company's website, a wide range of fiber cement panels with various sizes is presented:

Panel Sizes:
1200х600х8 mm
1200х1500х8 mm
1200х1570х8 mm
1200х1800х8 mm
1200х3000х8 mm

Our panels possess the following physical and mechanical properties in accordance with the GOST standard:

Property Value
Density not less than 1800 g/cm³
Flexural Strength not less than 23 MPa
Impact Strength not less than 2.5 kJ/m²
Frost Resistance not less than 50 cycles
Water Resistance not less than 24 hours


of Fiber Cement (Asbestos Cement) Panels


The service life of fiber cement facade panels reaches 25 years and even more than 50 years with proper care, remaining resistant to fungi and mold.

Low Cost

Fiber cement is an affordable material compared to other cladding materials.

Fire Resistance

Fiber cement is not prone to combustion and serves as a reliable barrier against fire.

High Strength and Impact Resistance

Chrysotile fibers in the composition of the panels provide resistance to impacts and bending.

Low Hygroscopicity

Fiber cement panels do not absorb water, thanks to their hydrophobic properties, while maintaining vapor permeability.

Environmental Friendliness

Fiber cement panels are made from natural materials and do not contain harmful components, ensuring safety for human health.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

Fiber cement panels require little attention and care, and in case of damage, only one panel needs replacement.

Frost Resistance

Fiber cement finishing withstands numerous freeze-thaw cycles without losing strength, making it ideal for harsh climates.

Installation at Low Temperatures

Fiber cement panels can be installed even in conditions of negative temperatures, providing convenience and flexibility in work.

UV Resistance

Panels maintain their brightness and beauty for many years due to high resistance to ultraviolet radiation.

Additionally, our company supplies

Aluminum Composite Panels

Aluminum composite panels are products consisting of two aluminum sheets with a filler of non-combustible foamed mineral polyethylene between them. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, such a product is not only lightweight but also quite strong, capable of effectively resisting any atmospheric precipitation.

 Panel Thickness4 mm
Aluminum Layer Thickness0.4 mm
Combustibility GroupG1/RF/S1
Sheet Sizes (mm)1500×4000

Advantages of Aluminum Facade Panels

  • High resistance to bending and breaking pressure, allowing the creation of non-standard, large-sized cassettes.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Good resistance to physical impacts.
  • High sound and thermal insulation properties.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Versatility, wide application scope.
  • Excellent balance of strength, reliability, and weight (the average weight per square meter of aluminum composite panels is about 7 kg).
  • Service life of at least 20 years.
  • Convenience and simplicity of processing.
  • Variety of installation options (cassette, sheet methods).
  • Ability to use any monochromatic colors and shades from the RAL palette in matte or glossy finishes, as well as the application of digital printing methods.
  • Ability to simulate natural materials such as stone, wood, metals.
  • Ability to use a mirror and pearlescent effect.
  • Ability to create a textured surface (grain, quartz, etc.).

Steel Composite Panels

Steel composite panels are products consisting of two steel sheets with a filler of non-combustible foamed mineral polyethylene between them. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, such a product is not only lightweight but also quite strong, capable of effectively resisting any atmospheric precipitation.

Sizes:ThicknessUnit of Measurement

Advantages of Steel Facade Panels

Advantages of Steel Facade Panels (SIBALUX brand):


  • Can be used as window framing without fireproofing boxes.
  • Steel can withstand enormous loads that other materials cannot. Any climatic and chemical influences cannot change the structure for decades.
  • Excellent protection against strong winds, chemical suspensions, ultraviolet rays, and temperature fluctuations. They are ideal for high-rise and industrial buildings, with practically no alternative.
  • Has a huge service life.
  • The working temperature range varies from 50 degrees below zero to plus eighty.
  • Perfect surface smoothness. You will never see warping due to temperature variations.
  • Panels can be fastened using the riveting method, allowing for cost savings without compromising quality.
  • Polymer coating provides long-term protection against corrosion and rust.
  • These panels can easily withstand temperatures up to one thousand four hundred degrees (aluminum begins to melt at six hundred degrees). This is why steel panels are recommended for industrial plants.

Plastic HPL Panels for Building Ventilated Facades

HPL panels are an ideal self-supporting structural material with high strength, moisture resistance, wear resistance, and fire resistance, as well as resistance to UV radiation.

Facades adorned with plastic HPL panels exhibit excellent thermal insulation properties, a long service life, and maintain a modern and aesthetic appearance.

Available Dimensions of HPL Panels:

Таблица размеров
Length, mm Width, mm Thickness, mm
3050 1320 4/6/8/10/12
4200 1320 4/6/8/10/12
3660 1600 4/6/8/10/12

Operational Characteristics:

These panels are designed for cladding the external walls of buildings and structures of various purposes in facade system structures, the suitability of which with the use of the specified product is confirmed by the established procedure, including the results of fire hazard tests of structures.

HPL panels can be used in the following environmental conditions:

  • Moisture zone (according to SP 50.13330.2012): dry, normal, humid.
  • Degree of aggressiveness of the external environment (according to SP28.13330.2017): weakly aggressive, moderately aggressive.
  • Maximum temperature on the panel surface: plus 80°C.
  • Minimum ambient air temperature: minus 60°C.

The application area of the panels for fire safety requirements is determined based on the results of fire tests in accordance with the Technical Regulation on Fire Safety Requirements (Federal Law No. 123-FZ of July 22, 2008) and SP 2.13130.2020.

Fire hazard indicators of the panels: Combustibility class according to GOST 30244-94 – G1.

Tech Facade - Inspiring Facade Excellence

Leave an impression of perfection with Tech Facade. We offer unparalleled quality, innovative solutions, and aesthetic beauty in the field of facade cladding. Our company brings together experts, technology, and a passion for details to create facades that inspire, protect, and transform buildings. Trust our experience and professionalism to turn your vision into reality. Bring your architectural and design ideas to life with Tech Facade and create facades that will captivate and serve you for many years.

Reliable Foundation for a Magnificent Facade: Our NVF Substructure Elements by Tech Facade

Interfloor Profile

Fastening Bracket

Крепежный профиль шляпный усиленный

Reinforced Hat-Shaped Fastening Profile

Крепежный кронштейн усиленный

Reinforced Fastening Bracket

G-Shaped Fastening Profile

Double Fastening Bracket

Facade Anchor

Reinforced Fastening Bracket

Sealing Strip



We provide two types of subsystems:

Galvanized Subsystem, manufactured by our production, possesses strength and reliability, ensuring stability and durability of facades.

Aluminum Subsystem, combining lightweight construction with refined design, imparts a modern and stylish appearance to buildings.

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Our Projects

"Tech Facade" Company Projects:

Residential Complex "Arlan"

Residential Complex "Atmosphere"

Residential Complex "Besagash"

Aktau City, Residential Complex "Tomiris 2"

Almaty City, Residential Complex "Megapolis"

Almaty City, School-Lyceum No.131

Residential Complex "Zhas Kanat"

Residential Complex "Karasai Park 2"

Turkestan City

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